Sioux Falls, SD - Meat packers should be permitted to use the same types of vertical integration and strategic alliances as other American industries, according to the American Meat Institute (AMI). Efforts to ban the ability to own livestock are an unfair intrusion into business practices. AMI... more

Washington, DC – Vertical integration and strategic alliances used in many American industries should not be made illegal for meat packers, according to the American Meat Institute (AMI), for such an action will turn the clock back on industry progress and the quality provided to consumers. AMI... more

(Attribute Statement to AMI President and CEO J. Patrick Boyle)

Today, another paper by agricultural economists was released - the fourth in the past two months - attempting to explain the market impact of an amendment in the Senate’s farm bill banning packer ownership, feeding and... more

AMI is disappointed in the Senate's adoption today of a revised version of the packer ownership ban it passed in December. This revised version does nothing to clarify whether packers could contract with producers for hogs, cattle and sheep.

If adopted in the final Farm Bill, this... more

Washington, DC - Consolidation is a reaction to competition that is occurring throughout all industries. Efforts to place unique requirements on the agriculture industry are unfair and unjustified, according to Mark Dopp, senior vice president of regulatory affairs and general counsel for the... more