Safe, Affordable, Varied and Abundant Meat and Poultry: Our Competitive Industry’s Mission.

The U.S. meat and poultry industry employs half a million people who produce the most affordable, abundant, varied meat supply in the world. Our industry is similar to many other industries – from cellular telephones to home appliances (pdf) – in which several large companies are complemented by a large number of mid-size and small niche operators. Federal reviews of our industry, like the Research Triangle Institute report (pdf), have found it to be dynamic and competitive. Academic analyses have found that meat and poultry companies, the livestock and poultry operations that supply us and consumers themselves benefit from our efficient operations and the collaboration that exists between farmers, ranchers and processors.

At times, our industry’s structure has been criticized by those who prefer a different production model. But given our record of providing abundant choices that are safe, affordable and that meet a wide array of consumer preferences careful government oversight we say, “The market works.” Let innovation and collaboration continue to deliver a meat and poultry supply prized around the world.

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